Simon's particular demands

Simon has a favourite softie: Kussentje (little pillow).
It's his friend in good and bad times; it comforts him when he is sad or angry, it makes him settle easily at bedtime. He just loves his little comfort-pillow.
As parents we are very happy with Kussentje, how could we deny our child such a great friend?!

However, it did make us wonder sometimes... what if anything happens to Kussentje, what if -oh my goodness no!- we loose it!?! Therefore we were just over the moon when we saw a Kussentje-lookalike in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago. I have no idea what it was doing there, since we bought ours at Hema, but we didn't hesitate and we quickly bought our second Kussentje.
We thought we were ever so clever! Look, they must have been separated at birth!

Until last weekend when we were at a party and unfortunately Kussentje was spotted by a dog an carried around by it in its mouth. After a bit of chasing we managed to rescue Kussentje; luckily it was undamaged,however dripping of dogdrool.
We decided it was time to get Kussentje II out of the drawer until Kussentje I was properly cleaned. We put Simon in bed like we always do and gave him the new softie. It took him only two seconds to find out that he was not holding Kussentje, but a fake! The look of horror on his face was undescribable! He practically threw it back at us and started to cry inconsolibly... At last we got him to sleep with his fake kussentje.

What bothers him most is not the fact that it (might) smell differently, or that its plush is softier or shinier, no what makes this kussentje absolutely unacceptable to him is the fact that the little label is missing!
This is what he always, always fumbles when he goes to sleep and now he can't; it simply will not do!

So I'm faced with quite a challenge here. I have to find a label and sew it on, and then I have to find a way to make the label just as grubby and threadbare as number 1! Any advice on how to?!

The original Kussentje (with dogdrool) is in the washingmachine while I write this; I just hope that it comes out alright (not shrunken, or blue or something)! Until I alter the new one, we still need it desperately!

I will leave you with the wonderful view we had when we opened the curtains this morning...


Ellen said...

I'm sorry about the favorite friend. If the original one were in worse shape, then perhaps you could remove the tag and place it on the new one? But it doesn't seem to be the case... he is awfully cute though!

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

your story is too cute ! I know Hema too ! We got it in Belgium too !! maybe you should find on your clothes an old label that you can sew on it ?? Big hugs to you and thanks for your words :)

esther said...

Hai Mirre, maak je geen zorgen ik heb ook een kussentje van de Hema. K. is er niet super dol op (K. heeft iliepilie: is al een keer op het log verschenen.) Wij zijn bang voor het verdwijnen van Iliepilie....


Leuk verhaal! De tip van Sandrine lijkt me een goeie oplossing!

x M.

Kristy said...

I remember as a child the label was so important!I still love sliding ribbon between my fingers!Maybe you could find a thrifted teddy and remove the label?I don't think it will ever be quite the same though!
Love your snow pictures my last post had snowy crocus aswell!

lindiepindie said...

I love this story about Kussentje. My son also liked to rub the tag on his bear. You did the right thing by giving him his twin - dog drool is sooooo yucky!