Home sweet home

I'm back home.
Back at the nest where other than lots of kisses and cuddles also a lot of chickenpox awaited me.

My little spotted boy
It's awful to see him like this!

I'll just quickly say how I spent my two last days in Oxford.
On Friday we went shopping, had tea with Laura's friends and had an -again- lovely dinner at The Nosebag. After that we went back to Laura's room and watched Monty Python.

On Saturday we started of having lunch with Laura's friend and then went to the Pitt Rivers Museum, which turned out to be a very special place. It's an anthropological museum and has cabinets completely stuffed with curiosities. When you enter the museum you can ask for a spyglass and torch, which you might want to use to read the hand-scribbled tags attached to most items; those tags alone were wonderful enough to be exhibited!
If you're ever in Oxford make sure you visit this museum; it's absolutely worth it!
(and it's even free! Isn't it fantastic that all museums in Britain are free?!)

And guess what I bought in the museum-shop?! Fabric!
I didn't expect to find any affordable fabric anymore, but suddenly it was there. Why I don't know... it just said made in India.
There are 45 blocks of different fabrics, ready to be used and it cost only 3 pounds!


My favourite are these cute elephants.


We then went to Jericho, visited some more charity-shops (expensive!), bought some presents for the children and then went home and had pizza.

Yesterday morning I had to leave early to catch the bus to Victoria, missed it, caught the next one. Took the bus to Stansted and then the plane to Amsterdam. After 45 minutes on the train and a short ride in the car, I had used almost all forms of transportation in one day. But I made it home alright!

Going home

What was waiting for me was a little present from Joanne from Stardustshoes. It's lovely and beautifully made. If you want to make one for yourself look here!



mumsies & family said...

Hai Berber,

O, wat ziet hij er nu naar uit! Het lijkt veel erger dan Amber of niet? Hoop dat hij er af kan blijven.
Zo val je wel met je neus in de boter! Meteen weer volop in de running, of niet? Toch hoop ik dat je je leuke trip hierdoor niet al snel vergeet, af en toe toch maar weer even ophalen die herinneringen.

We bellen gauw, groetjes,

Greet (en natuurlijk Clari)

jojo* said...

Glad you made it home safely. So sorry to hear about your little guy. Chicken pox is the worst--especially when they look at you with those sad eyes, and there's not much you can do about it. I hope he feels better soon!

And way to go scoring that Indian fabric! It's beautiful. You'll have a lot of fun with that :)

beki said...

Poor babe! Your little one looks so pitiful. I hope he gets over the chicken pox soon.

Your trip sure sounds like fun. I love the fabrics you picked up. That little elephant behind it too cute!

Blair said...

Oh no! Chicken pox! Poor guy. At least you got some lovely fabric on your trip that you can know fantasize about sewing up while you're helping the sick.

Samantha said...

Oh - poor little man. I hope he is feeling better soon.

Glad you enojyed your trip and I wanted to say a BIG thanks you for your postcard. What a lovely gesture!

Anonymous said...

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Kristy said...

Aww the poor babba.Bet he was glad to see his mummy!

serajah said...

Ik hoop dat hij zich al wat beter voelt, in ieder geval beterschap!