1st of March: SNOW

This is Holland for you... Just when the sun shines a bit more frequent and already a bit warm, the first flowers start to emerge from the soil, all in all, when everybody starts to get in springmood.... it starts to snow!! First modestly, but now BIG TIME!
See the view from my window:

This is such a rarity for us!

For the children this is wonderful ofcourse! They've been waiting for this all winter and they know they have to enjoy it quickly before it's melted again.
Amber even went to school on her sleigh this morning; she loves it!

The only thing is that we have to drive quite a bit this afternoon to see our friends' new house. I just hope the traffic will be alright; no slippery accidents, please!

Finished a new Poppe. Amber was quite sad to hear that she cannot keep this one, since it's destined for the crafty fair. She scolded that I never make one for her. So I asked her what fabric she would like if I would make a doll for her. Well, the flowery one, and the orange, and pink and, and.... she wanted them all! And with that she gave me a very good idea for a new doll :) I didn't tell her that though; it will be a surprise!


beki said...

My daughter had a hard time understanding my making things for other people, she too wishes that it was all for her!

Mijk said...

We hadden alleen maar hagel,, natuurlijk net toen ik boodschappen deed (op de fiets met 2 koters in de fietskar..)