The excitement continues...

I'm still having a wonderful time here in England, although I realise that I'm starting to miss my family more and more. My mother-in-law sent me some photos of the children today and I could have sworn that they have grown! They looked older!
Also chickenpox seem to be appearing on Simon, which is another reason to want to go home.
So yes, I think I will glady go home on Sunday, bit until that time I'll just soak up as much of England as I can; who knows how long I will have to go without it after this trip?!

We've had another great day in London yesterday (eventhough it was freezing!).
We started in Camden Town. I had been there before and it was still as lovely as I remembered. We saw lots of great things, but bought just one thing. I won't tell you what it is right now, because I really have to post a picture of it. It'll have to wait until I'm back home, I'm afraid!

After Camden we went to the University of London where we had an absolutely delicious lunch. I would really like to state that I've had the best lunches and dinners here! I think I should say this because the British have such a bad reputation when it comes to food; unjustified in my opinion...

The went to Covent Garden next where we walked around and listened to a very amusing music-group. After that it was just shops. First Oxford Street and then all the designer shops in Bondstreet. Laura's friend egged us on to actually go into these shops as well... I always feel intimidated by the pricetags on the clothes and the staff in particular. Although I tried to ignore it I still felt very out of place. I liked some shops, such as Burberry, but thought that Dolce & Gabbana's clothes were just downright ugly. There's no way I would ever buy those clothes, even if I had all the money in the world.

When it was time for dinner Alan took us past The Ritz to a very posh-looking building. It turned out to be the Royal Over-Seas League. It was a really special place. First we had a drink in the cocktailbar, then dinner surrounded by old people. It was fun and the food was good and not even expensive.
On the way back to Oxford we all fell asleep on the bus; we were so tired!

Today I've been seeing more of Oxford, but I'm too tired to write about that now.
Just one more photo...

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