Got there!

So here I am in Oxford....
Enjoying myself very much!

The journey went very well, the tears at the airport were unpleasant but less dramatic than I anticipated.
I found the right bus and then I even found my sister, yay!
I was at Victoria before noon and we spent the entire day in London. Walking most of the time, because it was just a beautiful (just a bit chilly) day.
We did the ultimate touristy things. You know Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, London's Eye...

Queen's door



Then we went to The National Portrait Gallery, where we spent a lovely couple of hours looking at all the beautiful portraits. We could have spent many more hours there!
We also had a delicious high tea on the top floor with so much cake that we couldn't even finish it!

After that we went searching for Liberty's which was very high on my list, naturally. It was wonderful to marvel at all the beautiful things they sell there, fabrics in particular. I didn't buy anything, perhaps I will on Thursday when we will be going to London for another day. However, it's all really expensive.
After a lovely dinner we walked all the way back to Victoria (sore feet! blisters!!) and took the bus to Oxford. This is where my sister lives.

Today I've been exploring Oxford on my own since my sister is busy writing an essay that's due tomorrow. I went into lots of shops. Actually bought SHOES!

New shoes

Bought some other little things and then met my sister for a lovely lunch. Now she is busy writing her essay and I'm here doing my mundane things on the internet with one seriously hardworking student on my left and one on my right.
It's so much fun being here doing studenty things, which I have all done in past, but is now such a distant life for me.

Tonight's agenda: dinner in Balliol Hall and then off to the pub (where I'll meet my sister's boyfriend and will drink yummy cider of course!)


beki said...

It sounds like you're having a wonderful time - enjoy yourself ;)

Anonymous said...

Sorry van dat essay! Huh.

Mirre said...

Werken jij!

chest of drawers said...

How lucky are you to be in London shopping, sightseeing!!! I am so jealous! I would be in the book stores and newsagencies buying enough to read and look at for the next year!Have a great time!

Lotte said...

Jaja, en ik zit gewoon nog in Groningen, met als enige buitenlandse trip in het vooruitzicht een tweedaags studiereisje naar Brussel volgende week... Gelukkig wel volledig gesubsidieerd, tot aan de borrels aan toe.

Veel plezier in Oxford!

Michaiah said...

Hai Lieverd,

Je dochtertje vroeg vanavond of je ook over haar bos wilt dromen, want ze gaat een gigantisch wortel-huis ontdekken om in te wonen en zou het leuk vinden als je langskwam om wat wortelthee met worteltaart te nuttigen. (Of zit je nog vol van de high tea van gisteren? ;-))

Samantha said...

Glad to hear you have arrived safely.

Don't forget the charity shops!

autum said...

Thanks for your kind comments at my blog. You make many beautiful things! I especially love the cushions. The mini quilts are lovely!