Corner of my home

I've been enjoying and admiring everone's photos of corners of their homes.
People have such beautiful corners (or better say:homes) that I felt really intimidated to post photos of my own. When I look at my home I don't see pretty photogenic tidy corners. Most corners are messy and still need a lot of work on them.
Still, I'm going to throw in a photo too...

Corner of my home

This cupboard belonged to my mother's grandmother. When my grandmother died I got to take it into my tiny room in my studentflat. It was dark wood, dedicatedly polished. Mich and I painted it, which was quite a bit of work because of the polish. We both love bright colours.
Last October was the fourth time that we moved this cupboard to a new home and hopefully it's going to stay where it is for a long time.
Behind the windows are our pretty plates and glasses and a silver coffee-set. None of it we use very often.

Glass II


The top of the cupboard is the dump-place for all the little things that we just have to put somewhere quickly. Lots of books that still need reading, dvds that still need to be watched, cds, sewingmaterials, keys, phone, pens... you name it we got it!

When I was looking at the pile of things yesterday I seemed to see some sort of an order in the mess which was quite to my liking. Actually, this corner says a lot about me: it's a messy order.

Finally, I'll leave you with a super arty photo of my latest Kissbee. Can you see what that fabric is?!

Kissbee #3


Green Kitchen said...

I love the color you painted your cabinet. And, thank you for the gift!!!!

mumsies & family said...

Ik was aan het stumbelen en wat kom ik tegen?? Kisskuss! Je wordt nog wereldberoemd!

lindiepindie said...

Beautiful cabinet - how wonderful to have a piece of furniture with such history!

serajah said...

leuk dat rode kastje!

groetjes serajah

Marieke said...

Mooi rood kastje, ik heb ook allemaal oude kasten maar ben nog steeds bang om de verfkwast er op te zetten en dat terwijl ik ook wel heel erg van de leuke felle kleurtjes hou. Misschien moet ik het toch gewoon aandurven ;0)

Oh en wat de "chaos" betreft...heel herkenbaar, de leukste idee├źn ontstaan uit chaos!