Of course it's a bag!

The riddle wasn't difficult obviously... Kristy got it right straight away!

But isn't it a cool bag?! What a great idea to create a bag out of a zipper!
The man that sold us the bags (in Camden Town) told us they were designed at an artschool in Portugal. I'm curious whether I'll soon be seeing these bags in Holland as well.

I just have a tough decision to make... Only one of these bags will be mine, the other one is a present from my sister to my other sister. I'm just unsure which one I prefer (although technically I paid for the green bag)!


jojo* said...

Those bags are fabulous! What a great idea! I suppose the plastic zipper part gives it the shape and support. Hmmm. I wonder if they sell them here in the US? I don't know which one I'd give away. They're both beautiful.

serajah said...

wat leuk en mooi!!!

Judith said...


Leuke tas. Maar helemaal nieuw is het idee niet hoor. Mijn moeder heeft al minstens 10 jaar een exemplaar in huis, die heeft ze zelfgemaakt van smalle handgeweven banden en een rits. Goh, had ze toch patent aan moeten vragen ;o)

Judith, die je weblog al een poosje leest, maar nog niet eerder had gereageerd. Bij deze: Je weblog is de moeite waard, ik lees het graag!

miriam said...

they´re great! =))

but I know this model for a long time and I'm almost sure that's not a portuguese model.

you can find them in some sites