Fabric that inspires

About six months ago a did a swap with Hippyxic.
She was very generous giving me all kinds of lovely goodies and fabric. There was one fabric in particular that I liked and that has since inspired me to make three things with it.

First a holder for Simon's babywipes... it really does make cleaning yukky babybottoms a little less yukky :)

Baby wipes holder

Then I made this bookcover for Michel.

And a couple of days ago I made this cushion. I really like it and it looks very good with the others.


The good thing is that I still have some fabric left!


Getting ready for winter

Another very wet & windy day and I start to get a strong urge to get the house winter-proof.
Yesterday I was able to cross something off my list, namely a cosy blanket that keeps out the evening chill on the sofa. Here it is:

Blanket made for cold winter evenings

I used a cheap Ikea-fleece and made a random brick-like patchwork. The back is a lovely flannel that I bought at the market a couple of weeks ago.

Brick blanket

Michel and I have tested the blanket last night and yes it is warm and snuggly and, most importantly, big enough for both of us!
Here you see it in action:

In action

If you'd like to see other Blenkies I've made, look here.
I'd better go and get snuggly on the sofa :))


On a dark rainy day...

... make an apron for your washing-up liquid!
It's bound to bring a smile to anyone's face that walks into the kitchen :))

AND it makes washing up just a little less awful!

Inspired by (stolen from): Samantha and others.

Oh by the way, someone asked for my chocolate mousse recipe... it's really too easy to even be called a recipe!
All you need is 375 ml of cream, which you whip with 2,5 tabelespoons of sugar until it has the right thickness. At the same time you melt 200 gr. of dark chocolate au bain marie. Then you mix it all together and divide into glasses. Leave it in the fridge for at least 2 hours and you have a yummy desert!!


Sewing partner

I've found myself a crafting companion:

Be still my proud motherheart!
Amber has been showing interest in sewing for quite some time now, but I just never found the time to sit down with her and show her how to do it (yes, terrible, I know). Until we were on holiday in Germany, where we had plenty of quiet moments together.
I was amazed at how quickly she picked up the stitches. She could blanketstitch after just having shown her once! The only problem is that after a little while she gives up and I have to finish the rest. However, for now I'm just happy that she shows any interest at all and that she learns some basics.

We made these decorations yesterday. She cut out all the rounds and she sewed a bit. Right now we are making stars.

My plan is to put together a little sewing basket for her for Christmas. I just wonder what to put in it, because it needs to be safe for a 5-year-old. But e.g. blunt needles don't sew as well as sharp ones... any tips on that?!
Well, better get back to those stars before we start making the dough for the pizza... this a GOOD saturday :))


Just some things I love

The most beautiful double rainbow that I've ever seen (on our anniversary no less)

My chocolate mousse (and so easy to make)

Amber happily modelling her new dress

Our first piece of real art (but that deserves a post all to itself)

Have a good day all!


Superfast craft fun

What I crafted today I recommend to anyone who's in need of a quick craft project. You know when you're sometimes really busy and you really have no time or energy to start some serious sewing, but that little nagging voice keeps telling you to be creative.... well, go make a noticeboard (or two)!


I don't really know where I got the idea from. I saw that Samantha had made one, but probably others make them too. It is super easy though. All you need is two cheap canvases, a bit of fabric and some ribbon... it's finished in no time and satisfaction is garanteed.

Lovely ribbon

How do you like my ribbon? Fancy, isn't it? A little Burberry even :)
I'm going to use these boards for Christmascards. I bought mine already at Ikea, I thought they were quite lovely.
Why I don't make my own Christmascards? Because that'll take me a lot longer than whipping up a noticeboard and I don't want to add to the holiday stress ;)

Christmascard on noticeboard


Beauty & the beast

Beauty and the beast

This horrendous creature is my husband on his 30th birthday (yesterday). Welcome to the club, darling!!
I believe they say that men grow more handsome as they get older... let's hope so!!


Six years

Today is our sixth wedding anniversary.
Yesterday evening we were thinking back to that beautiful day, and we still agreed that it was perfect. Our wedding was exactly how we wanted it and completely in our style.

After 6 years of marriage (2 children, 2 moves, 1 graduation, 3 new jobs) I feel blessed that I'm sharing my life with a fantastically amazing man who supports me through thick and thin. I hope we'll have many more years together.

Lunch 6 years ago (yum)

Lunch today (yum)


Party pillow

Today our little cousin/niece Sarah is one year old!
Happy birthday!

Unfortunately I won't be able to attend the party today, because I have to work, but I will add to the heap of presents with this cushion I made.

Green and blue are the colours in her room, so that's what I used.
I bought the fabric from the back for a summerdress for Amber about two years ago. Shame on me for not having made a dress yet... there is enough fabric left for the dress, so next spring I'm definitely going to make one :)

I hope Sarah likes the cushion (doesn't a one-year-old like anything that's wrapped in pretty paper?!) and that she'll have a great birthday today!