Cookie talk

Just a quick bit about a cookie...

At lunch with my sister today I suggested we'd pick some Cadbury's on our way back to our room. She said she knew something better...
We took a short walk to a lovely mall with wonderful shops. All of a sudden I remembered a shop in Brighton where I would always buy cookies (this was when I worked as an au-pair). I loved those cookies soooooo much!! They had all these different kinds with nuts and chocolats, but the best thing was that they were still warm inside.
So I asked my sister whether she remembered this shop of her visit to Brighton and did she recall what it was called?! Yes she said, Ben's Cookies.
While I was going on and on about how lovely those cookies were and how I would love to go back to Brighton to buy them again, she was leading me somewhere and then she told me to look. And it was the shop! It was Ben's Cookies!
Isn't that strange, isn't that weird?! I couldn't believe it!
But I do know that I really enjoyed my cookies (yes, TWO cookies)!
Here is a photo of one (the other was already eaten):

Best cookie in the world

I just found out from the website that this shop in Oxford is actually their original one.


beki said...

Seeing that cookie is making my mouth water!

jojo* said...

Sounds like you are having a fabulous time visiting your favorite places from the past! Enjoy!