Continuing story of the zipperbag & photos of the royal family

Judith has kindly sent me photos of her mother's zipperbags.
They were made from this book which was published in 1999:

Judith's mother made three bags; the fabric is handwoven. She even used straw for one of them; aren't they great? Thanks for the photos, Judith! Your mother is a real crafty girl!

So do you think that these guys in Camden Town really believed they made something unique?! Oh well, let's give them the benefit of the doubt...
(because I'm still very fond of my new bag :))

Crafting is going well now that I do my sewing downstairs. Here's the pink princess showing my new glitzy kissbee, which is actually hers to keep.

I also want to thank everyone for their well-wishes for Simon!
The poxes are not completely gone yet, but happily he's back to his old funny, cheery self. Look at him go...

...King Simon dressed in his smartest robes (borrowed from the pink princess) :)


jojo* said...

I still love the zipperbags. Even if they're not original. I've never seen anything like them here.

So glad Simon is feeling better. And your daughter is a cutie.

Judith said...


How funny to see 'my' pictures on your weblog. My mom will be proud for making it to the internet with her craftiness, lol.

Best wishes,

chest of drawers said...

Love the kids! Love the bags! Love the living room!

miriam said...

ohh upsss.. I hadn't read this post when I wrote the message about the zipper pouch...

although I still love the zipperbag! ;)