Impressions of garden on sunny Sunday

Since we've only been living here for six months all these crocuses were such a surprise! I really wonder what else is going to emerge from the soil.

Bare wall in bare backgarden.
It will need a lot of work, but it has so much potential!

Michel wants to build a treehouse on top of that treetrunk and then attach the slide to it. The swing is also supposed to go there and of course we'll have playsand. It will be a place where the children will be able to play as much as they like!

This little fellow has found a new home in our garden. Michel made this some ten years ago and since then it always stood in his father's garden. Now that we have our own, the penguin (yes, that's what it is) has come to live with us. It fits in perfectly!

I'll end with a photo of the lovely fabric that my mum gave me yesterday. Check out the shirts and lightbulbs!

Lovely fabric...


serajah said...

wat een mooie krokussen, en leuke stofjes ben benieuwd wat je ermee gaat maken!

esther said...

Oef! Wij moeten ook nog steeds de tuin doen! Voor en achter! Zoveel werk! Maar het wordt mooi bij jou, zeker heel veel potentieel!

beki said...

What a nice garden to work with! I'm sure you will do wonders with it. Your mum sure gave you a nice assortment of fabrics - I like the bright one on the bottom.

chest of drawers said...

That lovely piece you made for the back of the chair is what I would call a "pocket tidy".
Love the fabrics you got from your Mum, especially the bold one at the bottom of the picture.