Mild crafting

With a little sick chick and a slightly bigger one that also wants attention, there wasn't much alone-time today. Still, I got some mild crafting done.
I finished this cushion. It actually already was almost finished, but the true satisfaction comes only after the last stitch, doesn't it? Also made two dolls faces; it would would be great if I'd be able to make a doll tomorrow...
However, I have to work (my other job) and after that there is some bike-buying to be done (for me!). Perhaps tomorrow evening then.

I received a lovely package again today full of cute fabric from Laurie. We're doing a little swap, but I'm afraid I'm a bit behind everything. I will get it done this week.
Right, I'm going to spend a little time with Mich before we both collapse of fatigue (it's a little hectic here, did you notice?!).


beki said...

Ooo, I like your pillow! I must get around to making a patchwork cushion.

Your swap goodies look so nice. I love getting good mail.

jojo* said...

I got your sweet package in the mail today. Thanks so much! They're beautiful!!! Hope your little chick feels better.

Dawn said...

That is a lovely pillow cover... I like those colors together..
Thanks for coming by my blog..nice to "meet" you. Please stop by again!

jackie said...

Such a lovely cushion.

Aww, your poor little boy. I hope he feels better soon. He doesn't look too good.

serajah said...

mooi kussen!