A dragon, kissbees and a linguistic problem

I know everybody else in blogland has already written about it, but I just needed a little more time to decide that I'm also going to commit myself to Use What You Have Month. My mum gave me the last push when she brought a bag full of lovely fabrics today. These fabrics alone are almost enough to entertain me for a month and of course there is my STASH.
Great idea by Simple Sparrow!

I made this on thursday:

It's some sort of a hanging bag with pockets for softies or other stuff... What do you call something like that in English?! Help, native speakers!
I bought the fabric a couple of weeks ago in a thriftstore; it's quite sweet I think. I just want to add a pompon or something on the bottom.

We bought the dragon when we were on honeymoon in Prague; isn't it cute?!

I also made two more kissbees. One of them is not so happy about its life as you can see :(

And oh, apparently the zipperbag idea isn't as innovative as the sellers made me believe. Judith's mum made one ten years ago! Do you have a photo of it, Judith? I would love to see it!!


blair said...

I love the fabric your pocket-stuffy-holder is made from!!! (Sorry, no word to give you). What a great color combo.

autum said...

Whatever you call it, it is a great idea and it's really cute!

Judith said...


I'll make some pictures of thé bag when I'm at my parent's house again. See if I can find your email-addy somewhere on your blog and send the pictures to you.