New fabric (that I didn't buy!!!!)

A couple of metres of beautiful new fabric came into my possession today and I haven't spent a cent on it! Isn't that every fabricloving crafty girl's dream?!
It was a very unexpected gift from my hubby. This fabric was delivered at his work and no-one knew where it came from and why it was sent to them. I guess they've been looking at it for a while and today it was decided that I could have it! It's so lovely! It has different kinds of cut-out-dresses on them, like a bride's or a fairy's. Already I have so many ideas in my head...

I'm doing so many projects at the same time right now. This is partly because I like doing all these different things, but I'm also busy sewing for the crafty fair that's coming up next month. So this is a sneak peak at what I'm making today. Hopefully I'll be able to show more photos tomorrow!


beki said...

Free fabric is the best kind! I can't wait to see your mystery project.

jojo* said...

Love that paper doll fabric. It's soo cute. The mystery project looks beautiful too. I love that mix of fabric. Very girly and sweet.