In and around the house


We've been enjoying the lovely weather here. Did you know we had a heatwave last week?! Pfff, it was hot!! Now it's a little less warm... a lovely summer day.

Friday was Amber's last day at school. She made drawings for both her teachers and she picked sweet peas from our own garden :) Her teachers certainly deserved it since they gave her a very warm welcome and contributed to a wonderful first year at school.

Michel has also been busy in the garden. We now have a fence!!

The garden is slowly starting to look the way we want it to look (still a looooong way to go, but one thing at a time...).
And our two ugly pigeon babies flew the nest...

Then there were some definite milestones concerning the children.
Amber learned how to cycle all by herself! Here she is on her small bike, but her new bigger bike is all ready for her at grandma's.

And Simon first went to the toilet and did something! (a nr. 2, only a mother can say this with pride, I suppose :)))

Yes, big things are happening here!

Me, I've picked up crafting again, although there still isn't a lot of time to do it.
Yesterday I finished a log cabin cushion that I was asked to make to match this kissbee:


I'm happy with the result; I think it looks calm and bright at the same time :)


One week later...

... and they are finally completely finished!!
Krimpy dinky pins included as well, yay!

I've found out that the krimpy dinky pins need to be baked for just one minute or so; that way they stay nice and white and don't get brownish around the edges.

All three pincushions are the same; I only changed the colours around as you can see here:

Well, I'm glad they're finished and I hope they'll make the three women they're destined for very happy.

Next project, please!!