Chickenpox and all that

Amber has chickenpox, poor soul.
Since she started school in October she has been ill quite a number of times. A couple of innocent colds, but also a serious pneumonia over Christmas. And now chickenpox.
She is not really sick, just a bit edgy at times, but ofcourse the itching is terrible.
The doctor gave her a mentholgel which is supposed to help, but isn't. She doesn't like having it on her body either because it makes her cold (the menthol).
Nonetheless, since she is at home from school, we spent this afternoon crafting together, which was lovely. We usually do that a couple of times a week. Today I was sewing (and alright, also behind the computer a bit...) and she was painting. She made wonderful paintings for all the grandparents.

I finished quite a number of things, among others a doll and a new kissbee. I want to make another action-photo like this one, but that has to wait until tomorrow because I need Mich's assistence for that!

Oh, and because Amber's complaining so much that I NEVER make anything for her, I gave her this cushion that I made a while back. At least that silenced her (today) :)


sonia said...

ohhh... ik hoop dat ze beter wordt! je blijft leuk bezig, mooi kussentje en pop!
ik heb net gezien dat je in baarn woont, ik in eemnes! lekker dicht bij!

Samantha said...

Poor thing - hope she is feeling better soon!