Today it's Queensday, which means that the whole country is one big orange party.
It's always such a great day, I love it!
What is so great about it is that it's a fun day for everyone. Games for the children, music and alcohol for the adults and freemarket for everyone.
The freemarket is the most wonderful thing. Anyone can sell anything on the street and it's absolutely the best day to go hunting for cheap secondhand stuff.

Unfortunately I had to work today, but I was allowed to start at 11 o'clock which still gave me some time to stroll the freemarket. We had great fun, even though it started to rain after about an hour.

Amber had two little flags painted on her face and was given some money that she could spend.

For Simon we found this big police car. He totally fell in love with it. I swear he growled if anyone came near it!

Also we bought this great big crocodile which came in very handy when it started to rain!

This was my modest find:

A very pretty sewing box stuffed with embroidery floss.
It was a happy day!


karin said...

great finds! i esp. love the sewing box

serajah said...

wat mooi! je sewingbox en wat een leuke politieauto, daar was ie vast heel blij mee!

Wendy said...

A lovely box full of treasure!

chest of drawers said...

Love the sewing box! Queensday sounds fantastic!

Marieke said...

Beautiful sewingbox...lucky find!

molly said...

Your day looks like so much fun! And that sewing box--I'd say that made the day!!

molly said...

Oh, and we got our new doll yesterday in the mail! I...I mean the girls love it! In fact, Emma is sitting beside me on the sofa, playing with both of them right now!

susannah said...

What a gorgeous sewing box! Well done! The freemarket sounds fun!
PS. I am thoroughly enjoying your blog :)

sdRay said...

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