Backtack and swap loveliness

-The "Australian" tulips are even more spectacular today-

So I stayed up until 1.00 a.m. last night to sign up for Backtack III. Yes, I wanted to participate that bad!
I usually go to bed late, but now it was for a particular purpose which made it sort of special. I had no idea how quickly the 100 places were going to be filled (it turned out 1 hour 9 mins), so I already had written an e-mail with all my details. Aren't I efficient?! I sent it as quickly as I could, only to discover that I had forgotten to say which country I'm in (not so efficient). Hopefully it will all be alright.
I'm really looking forward to participating. I have so many ideas and I'm so curious to see what other people will come up with. Michel is very enthusiastic about it too, so I expect him to get involved in it as well.

Now over to to the lovely things you see in the photo above. I received this swap-package from Samantha; just in time for my birthday! Great timing, Samantha! Apparently it was delivered on Saturday when we were away at the craft fair. The next morning we found it under a bucket in our backgarden... a bit of a strange initiative of the postman, but I was thrilled to find it, ofcourse!

It is an absolutely wonderful package! There was one of Samantha's famous chickens (which is now under the easter-tree), a beautiful picushion (which I'm going to keep for my embroidery needles) and a tissueholder (too pretty to put in my bag, so I'm probably going to put it on my desk). For the rest there were three pieces of lovely fabric and buttons; everything was put together in a cute bag (which I'm thinking of giving to Amber for her gym-clothes).
Thank you so much for this lovely swap, Samantha! I'll be sending your package on Thursday.

Well, it's time to cook dinner now: couscous!

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shoofly said...

those tulips are gorgeous! and what a fun swap package!