Today: Blenkies

I spent most of the day behind the sewingmachine.
I finished 3 3/4 Blenkies (babyblankets).
This is what they look like:



Blenkie #3


I really want to finish the last one as well, but I'm sooooooo tired and my back is aching. Better do it tomorrow...

Thanks everyone for sharing your feelings about turning 30!
The overall sentiment seems to be that it's a bit of a difficult moment, but once you're past it you're really happy about it and life just keeps getting better. Well, nothing to worry about then!

Are you going to participate in Backtack III?
I would love to; the whole idea really appeals to me! However, can someone confirm that 9.00 a.m. 4-11 in Australia really is 23.00 p.m. 10-4 in Holland?! It would be awful if I have the wrong time!
I have a feeling there is going to be a bit of a counter-revolution, though...
Nothing wrong with that; even more lovely craftiness!


Judith said...

Hi Mirre,

Oh yes, I would love to participate in a swap, but I'm really not a big fan of softies. Maybe we should join the 'possible swappers' at Mijk's weblog?


Mijk said...

Volgesn mij is het 1 uur 's nachts Australie heeft ook weer verschillnde tijdzones. Bij mij hebben zich inderdaad wat mensen verzameld die iets anders willen. (heel verrassend wel eluk!0 Ik broed er nog op..

Anonymous said...

Veel succes op de craftymarkt!

Laura x

krista said...

I absolutely adore that fabric on the bottom photo, they're all beautiful though, good work!

bee said...

Love your fabrics and such cute blankets!