Keep busy and don't think about b-day

Yes, I am busy.
I'm going to participate in a crafts fair this saturday and as you can imagine there is still LOTS to be done.
And yes, it is almost my b(irth)day.
You might wonder why I don't want to think about... because I'll be THIRTY!
That's right: 30!
Well, I have mixed feelings about it. As far as I'm concerned it's a birthday like any other, but people sure don't seem to agree with that. And every person who reminds me of my age definitely has an amused sadistic glint in their eyes.
All the past year I told myself I was fine with it, but as my last days as a twenty-something are ticking away, I'm not so sure anymore.
It does feel as a big change.
It feels as if my young days are really over now... (which might seem silly as I've been settled down in an adult life for so many years already)
I'm on the threshold of adulthood... that is a bit scary actually!!
I've heard of people that make lists of the things they want to do before they're 30; what about my list? I don't have one and there is no time make one anyway!

I would love to know how you all felt about turning 30! Or if you're not 3o yet, what are your thoughts on turning it?

Well enough about getting old...
Here are the two pocket-bags I made today.
Don't they have a lovely summery feel to them?!

I'm really behind on my sewing and of course this is the moment that my sewing machine is starting to act funny! It makes horribly ugly stitches and there is no time to have it fixed before the weekend. Luckily I've been able to borrow a sewing machine from one of Michel's collegues, so full speed ahead!

To end this post I'd like to share this photo of Amber.
She wanted to play a game with me this afternoon, but I was too busy sewing (bad mother).
So she played alone.

When I looked what she did, I was so proud...
She had found a photo in the leaflet and had arranged everything exactly as on the photo, which was really quite tricky!
It's lovely to feel so proud over such small things... why should I even care about turning 30?!


Michaiah said...
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Michaiah said...

You're the most lovable person I've ever met!
Luv you BB.


How clever of her! I'm proud too!
Really sad though, she had to play by herself ;-)
Life starts at thirty and you can still be a crafty girl!

x Auntie Marleen

mangetsu said...

I wish I would be thirty again ;-)
Thank you for visiting my weblog!
How do you feel about your daughters order of the doll clothes? I don't like doing them, find it's a bit difficult to sew them. But I think we have to do it someday...

Cheers, Alex

chest of drawers said...

I will be 40 this August and I must say, the years between 30 and 40 have been the most trying aswell as the most wonderful. In my head, I am still 20 - forget the numbers and go on being as you are!

Mijk said...

I had my 30th birthday in june and as a my bf told me 30 is the new 20. I've grown so much te last couple of year and an so happy and at ease with myself that I fully enjoy not being 320 anymore ;-) . That saids I dreaded the day justy like you. My husband is 5 years older than me and wheb he turned 30 I have teased him so much.. I really thought 30 was old way back when I was just 25 ;-)

beki said...

I turned 30 last May and I loved it. For me, I finally felt "grown up". I am so much more wiser and know myself better now than I did even 5 years ago, I wouldn't trade it for anything. Of course it helped that I had a birthday party including a cake with pink roses all over it!

hannah said...

I was 30 last May too, its not so bad. I think people take you more seriously as an adult once you are out of your 20's, which is sometimes nice. Apart from that 30 is much the same as 29 really. Don't worry, it will be ok!

Samantha said...

I was quite depressed about my 30th birthday. But it is my 36th this year and I'm OK about that.

Just hanging onto my youth by my fingertips!!!! Only joking!

jojo* said...

I remember feeling that way when I turned 30. My mom bought me wrinkle cream for my birthday. Nice huh? And that was 6 years ago. My 30's have been the best years of my life...and things just keep getting better.

missing-saturn said...

hey mirre,

the big blues hit me on my 29th birthday- i thought time was just running away, and i still had not accomplished anything. after that, turning 30 was a piece of cake, and since then, life in general gets better (i turned 36 on monday)- it´s sometimes more difficult, but in general also more interesting.

so, don´t panic, it will be great getting older and wiser!

Leanne said...

30? I missed it. This past October I apparently turned 31. That's how much stock I put into it! Of course, I've got four distractions now, LOL! I really think that somedays I feel younger, some days I feel older, but I can never attach a number to myself. Once I hit my mid 20's, my spirit stopped aging. I don't think of myself as 31 or any other age I will be. Maybe that's the beauty of reaching this milestone, Mirre! You can just be at whatever age you feel like that day! Chin up, it's wonderful from here on out...