The Craft Fair

I had a wonderful day at the craft fair yesterday.
Unfortunately the wheather was bad most of the day, which meant that there were not a lot of people around. First there was a really heavy wind and later it started to pour.
However, it was a good experience for me. I enjoyed seeing other people's stuff and it was lovely to meet Crafty Girls I R L.

Well, today I'm having my birthdayparty (although I won't be THIRTY for a good 13 hours!), so I'd better get a move on... the house is a right mess and I even have to wash the windows (yes I do, because today the sun IS shining)!


Marianne said...

Alvast gefeliciteerd!! Inderdaad jammer van de regen en de wind en het lage bezoekers aantal. Ik heb gewoon aan iedereen die voorbij mijn kraam kwam mijn promo kaartjes overhandigd en zo rond drie/half vier waren de kaartjes op en vond ik het tijd om te vertrekken. Maar het was een leerzame dag en goed voor promotie. Je had trouwens een leuke kraam op de markt en ik vond het leuk je IRL te ontmoeten! :-)

chest of drawers said...

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
You will always be 10 years younger than I! Hope you´re having a wonderful party! Your things at the fair look great!

Samantha said...

Glad to hear that the craft fair was sucessful. Shame about the weather though : (