Tea for ladies

Yesterday I had high tea with three of my friends.
Posh tea for ladies... except that it was in the red light district!
But it was lovely...

Yummy cakes

The table looked great

And the entourage... well I suppose shabby chic!

We had lots of girltalk: boyfriends, children, pregnancies and of course laughed a lot.

Today we've been working very hard in the garden. We're on the road to something wonderful, but right now it's rather messy, since we still have to do a lot of major work like making a terrace and putting up a fence. It's very rewarding work though!

Simon has been our little sh*t-monster for the last couple of days, but thankfully he seems to be getting a bit better now. I hope this really was the last illness for some time now!!

Also I've been tagged twice (different ones), but I will do that tomorrow!


Wendy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. If you call again would it be possible for you to leave some of those lovely looking cakes.

littlesnoring said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon!

weirdbunny said...

I think afternoon tea should be compulsory everyday, how could one possibly manage without it!

jojo* said...

MMMMM. All those tea snacks look so lovely. Glad you had fun hanging out with the ladies.

Amber said...

Delicious! Nothing like tea and cakes with the ladies to make life with a sh*tmonster so much more bearable!

chest of drawers said...

Tea with the ladies, fabulous! I think I´ll make some scones and have my own tea party after getting dirty in the garden today aswell.