Improvised Easter breakfast

I woke up in the middle of the night to Amber's shouting. I rushed to her room and asked what was wrong; I stroked her -slightly wet- face. I thought what is that smell?! The poor girl had thrown up all over herself and her bed... So I spent quite some time cleaning up the mess, showering Amber, changing her bed, putting on the washing machine. After she was settled again, I lay in bed, exhausted but unable to sleep. I was so grateful! For one thing, I've never had to do this before. Amber will be 5 in two months time, but this has never happened before! She has been sick once when she was very small, but then she threw up behind the curtain in a little plastic bowl (this sounds a bit strange, and actually it was).
But this was not why I was so grateful. I just realised that although we are having a really crappy winter (and now spring) healthwise, we never have anything really serious. My children are healthy and I could just cry of happiness. It's something you know, but don't always realise. It was a good moment.

Unfortunately, Amber wasn't well enough to go to school, which was really sad because they were having special Easter festivities, starting of with a breakfast at school. So I quickly went to the supermarket and got all the things for our very own Easter breakfast. We all enjoyed it, even though Amber had no appetite. Simon ate everything that she didn’t want.

Traditionally, we always eat matzos at Easter (we’re not Jewish). I wonder whether this is a tradition in other countries, too? I’m always looking forward to them; I particularly like them with butter and sugar. Look what they’ve come up with this year: mini-matzos. In the supermarket I thought they’d be cute, but really they’re quite pathetic, aren’t they?! I prefer the large ones that are too big for your plate and that break when you try to put butter on them!

Oh, and the first photo of the hot air balloon?! That passed over our house yesterday evening. I’m always in awe when I see one; I would love to go in one myself…
By the way, do you know what Michel gave me for my birthday? A flight in a hot air balloon! I’m so excited!!! Yay!


Samantha said...

The poor thing. Thankfully my sons aren't sick very often - I tend to nearkly end up joining them myself!

Hope she gets better soon!

krista said...

Poor poor thing. Not a nice way to wake up. I hope it's a really quick one and the bug's all gone very soon!
And you have no idea how much I would enjoy sitting at that lovely table with you folks - it look divinely simple and peaceful.
But joining you on the hot air balloon ride? Not so much! I would die! (Deathly afraid of heights here) But if that's what you enjoy, then lucky you! What a wonderful gift idea!

Amy said...

Bea's only gotten throw-up sick once, but it was in the middle of the night too. I am a worry wort and now panic when I hear her cry out in the night.

Nice of you to do such as nice Easter breakfast substitute for her though. I'm sure she appreciated it.

Strikkelise said...

Poor girl! I'm phobic about that and we have had several stomach bugs this last year! But it's true like you say, we should be grateful that we're not suffering from something serious.
What a beautiful Easter table you have.
I never even heard of matzos, but it seems like they resemble some crackers we have in Norway.

About the BTIII, I didn't get a matchup or anything, just an email making a remark about something I said in my signup mail. I don't know if they'll answer everyone before matchup time. Good luck!