The children are staying with grandma and Michel took two days of work... bliss!
Today the wheather is bad so we're using this day to sort out all the mess in the attic. Well, all the mess is impossible, but we've already achieved a lot. It might still look as messy as before, but now the piles are actually sorted!
Despite the crappy wheather we're going to get a yummy ice-cream after dinner and then watch Lost, which is our latest addiction.

Tomorrow the wheather is supposed to be very nice and I really would like to go to Alkmaar. It's a lovely town, but the best thing about it is this. I haven't been there for such a long time, so I would love to have a look around, especially at the fabrics.
After that I've planned a nice walk on the beach, but our plans might change completely tomorrow. Which is fine, because we have the whole day to ourselves!

The only not so good thing about today was the fact that our car broke down. It's in the garage right now and it's going to be really expensive to repair. It's money we don't actually have, but I really don't want to be without a car!!

The photos are of a doll I made on Friday. I made the patchwork first and then cut out the pattern for the doll. I'm quite happy with the result. I think I'm definitely going to use patchwork for my BackTack softie.

Oh and my new course started today! At last I'm going to be a good housewife :)))))


Julie said...

Lovely doll. I like the patchwork idea!
Youre so lucky having the place to yourselves!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ive forgotten what its like!!! Enjoy and make the most of it!

manda said...

Wow! Two days of just the two of you, that sounds lovely! Hope you have a great time tomorrow.
The doll is lovely - I love those blues and reds.

Sandrine (alias Didine ♥ ) said...

You're right ! This doll is simply perfect ! (I thought also to make mine with patchwork too for my back tack 3's softie !) I hope you're fine ! Big hugs from Luïk !

susannah said...

Mirre, the doll is so lovely! Percfect mix of colours and prints. Hope you get to Alkamaar. Oh to have an Oilily outlet! Enjoy your 'free' days!

weirdbunny said...

I love the patchwork it rally sets her off. " Two days to yourselves how bliss. I wouldn't have bothered sorting out the attic, who see's it anyway! You won't have that family tradition like the rest of us, of not find being able to find the christmas decorations in december now! Have a lovely day tommorow, forget about the car expense and have a lovely meal without the kids instead!

Leanne said...

I love the patchwork, and the doll is just adorable! Oh to have a child-free couple of days... what bliss it would be...

molly said...

I love that new patchwork doll...the colors are wonderful...
And we also have two things in common--
1. we are BIG lost fans in this house.
2. my car broke down yesterday, too.

Hope you have some great time coming up while kids-free!!