Bird with belly

This is what the birdie looks like when it does have a belly; much better I think!

Here you can see the difference in size from above:

It's funny that yesterday I was rather pleased with my first bird and now I think that it's looking a bit odd. This often happens with the things I make, but usually over a longer period of time. For example, I was really pleased with this softie that I made a couple of months ago for Amber. When I look at it now I see quite a few things that I would change if I would make a new one. It's an interesting process and I think it's only normal that you continually want to improve the things you do and make.

The postman delivered another package today. I think he is starting to wonder why I'm getting so many packages. He was really chatty in a sort of annoying way. I really wanted him to leave, but of course couldn't be rude to him for fear of not receiving more wonderful packages...
Anyway, this package came from Lu and it was just stuffed with lovely things.

There were ribbons, buttons, beads, fabric and cute handmade goodies.
Also great fabrics!

It was all wonderful, Lu! Thank you so much for a lovely swap!!

I myself sent out F O U R packages today; hopefully they'll all arrive safely.


kristin said...

another sweet bird...you do great work Mirre!!

Leanne said...

Just look at all the goodies! The birds are just so sweet, too...

By the way, you're TAGGED!!! :) Go see -- http://romanholiday.typepad.com/lavender_peonies

autum said...

I think both birds are wonderful.

Mijk said...

Mail me even.. op mijkimproves @gmail.com Ik wil de swapomail de deur uit doen maar ik heb geen mailprogramama op mijn pc dus ik kan je niet mailen via je blog! ..

blair said...

What sweet birdies. I'm envious of you sending out 4 packages, I need to make a large trip to the post office myself.

melba said...

Emails like yours make my day.

I have been checking out your blog and website. You are so talented! I love your stuff. These little birds are amazing!

I am jealous that you are in back-tack. I got the time difference confused and completely missed sign ups. I have been wanting to connect with other craftsters. I am not that good with a sewing machine (although I know the basics from taking 2 courses in college) My mother-in-law is very crafty and she just moved into my neighborhood so I am hoping to learn from her.

Do you know any craftster bloggers that I can connect with that might be interested in going to justBe... or would want to teach a workshop on something crafty?

Thanks for your help and support!

krista said...

Yay for the blanket stitch!
You've done a beautiful job with it here!
I just love this process of learning to craft, developing new skills, seeing style evolve.
Yes, I have found it takes quite a few duds before you get it "right". But doesn't it feel nice the whole process!
And the softie you link to in your post is simply perfect in my eyes!
You have a wonderful style, keep it going!

Hanna said...

Birds are cute, both with and without belly! :-)

Julie said...

Hi Mirre,
Just found your blog..Its lovely. I love your stuff.
I want to learn to crochet too!!

molly said...

Sounds like we've both been busy swappers lately...I sent your package out on Saturday. I hope you love all the goodies inside!!

itaka said...

that pretty the birdies, are precious.