Happy Easter!

This is another one of Amber's pieces of art that she made at school! Isn't it wonderful?! I love all the little details!

Not much exciting happening here at Easter. I'm working sunday and monday (and wednesday and today too....), so not much partying for me.
Amber is still not well. Last night it came from the other side of her in quite an explosive manner, if you know what I mean... You should have seen the mess in her bed, or rather you shouldn't!
So a quiet Easter for Mich and the children, although of course they will be seeking eggs tomorrow!

I had another birthdaypresent in the mail yesterday. It came from my sister in Oxford.
It's a dvd of Brideshead Revisited. She and her friends are watching the complete series together and I saw one episode when I was there. Now that I have my own dvd, I will finally be able to learn all about Charles and Sebastian. Thank you, Laura!


littlesnoring said...

Gorgeous art work! I am sorry that your little one is feeling so ill, especially with eggs to find. Hopefully it will be one of the ones that passes quite quickly, maybe she is over the worst of it?

weirdbunny said...

I'm so gald your daughters wonderful work got home safely. There's nothing worse than loosing peices of their hard work by the time they get it home. Take care little one and get better soon, and I hope the bunny brings you lots of eggs.

Laura said...

hmm, geen idee waarom het pakje er zo belachelijk lang over gedaan heeft!

kristin said...

Amber does beautiful work!! Love the little bird...and that nest is too cute!! quite an artist!! :)

esther said...

I'm rereading brideshead at this moment, I'm sooo in to it! Can't wait to go to bed and read! It's beatyful! And the serie's too!