Here she is: my Pointy Kitty !
It all went well except for stitching the head to the body. It wasn't easy and it didn't turn out all that neat either. However, nothing that a pretty ribbon round her neck can't fix ;)
Doesn't she look cute?!

Amber, who picked the fabric, claimed her for herself immediately. Goodbye Kitty!
I might make another one, with a printed fabric, but first I'll work on all the unfinished projects that lie around here. It's getting out of control! So I'll have to get those things out of the way before I can start on something else.

I had a good thrifty score this morning. I bought two lovely craftbooks for less than 3 euros. I've already seen so many things in them that I like to try!
(What I notice from these 70s craftbooks is that they feature so many crafts in just one book... people must have been crafting all day long then!)


beki said...

Your kitty turned out so well! I'm not very good at stitching heads to bodies either - ribbons and scarves are a good thing.

Mijk said...

Ik heb ook stapels 'vrijetijdsboeken'uit de jaren 70 en vroeg me dit af maar ja stel je voor. Geen itnernet en maar 2 televisienetten ;-) Zouden wij vast ook meer produceren!

rebecca said...

good job on the kitty! and great idea about the ribbon! i'm still debating the head placement on the one i made -- might pull it off and re-stitch it a little higher. have you added your photo to the flickr group???

serajah said...

mooi is ie geworden !!!

Anonymous said...

erg mooi ! Ik heb alles uitgebreid bekeken en vind het heel leuk om er wat meer van te zien. Ik kom zeker nog weleens shoppen bij je als de kleine van m'n broer er is ! groetjes fiji

sonia said...

ik heb die boek ook!