Quiet day

The wheather has been crazy today. This morning it was really bright then it started snowing like mad. After that the sun came out again and it was lovely, springy even. Then again snow, sun, strong winds and now it's just freezing. Welcome to Holland where the wheather is always unpredictable!

I've been working on my swap-package. Put the almost-finished cuddlie aside and started making a doll. Whatever happens it has to be finished tomorrow!

Done some reading too today. I started this book just because I came across it in almost every weblog that I read. It seems an interesting book (I've only read a couple of pages), although I don't think it's something I can use for myself. For one thing I'm not an artist and for another I don't feel blocked. Still I'm curious enough to read on and who knows what I'll be able to laern from it.

We watched a lovely film the other night. We both thought it had been worth renting this film just to see the menu and credits: they were quite something!
Tonight there's another film showing in our very own cinema... I'm looking forward to it!

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