I love receiving mail -not so much bills and insurancepapers and stuff- but nice, lovely, big, PINK envelopes and so today was a very good day for me!
I got my packet from the coloriffic-swap-o-rama-group
It came all the way from Canada, smelling totally Canadian of woodstove :) Lovely!

The theme for this month's swap was red & pink and Claire stuck to it like a good girl.
This was what was in the package:

Beads, origami-paper, fabric and a lovely bearpouch that Claire made herself: truely a wonderful gift! Thank you, Claire!


Marianne said...

Inderdaad een leuk pakket! Ik heb deze maand niet mee gedaan aan de colorswap want de combo pink/red sprak mijn niet zo aan, maar volgende maand ben ik weer van de partij. Ik ben al bezig om dingen te verzamelen.

jessica said...

Wow! so cute. What fun. All the swapping out there is fun to watch, I guess I need to spend more time on the computer and put more pics on flickr to get in on the action :)