My swap-package is finished, hallelujah! It was a lot of fun focussing on red and pink, gathering all the goodies and actually making it. However, it's always wonderful to finish a project; experiencing the joy of being to able to cross something of your list.
I like how the doll turned out and the little hearts-ribbon is so appropriate right now with Valentines' Day almost here (not that I'm into that kind of thing, but still...).

I hope my swap-partner will be happy with the package. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out much about her on flickr. Her profile is not in English and she is not contributing to the forum. Still, I suppose she wouldn't have participated if she didn't like the idea!

The film, by the way, was FANTASTIC! Go see it if you haven't done so already!


serajah said...

wat een leuk pakketje en ik vind dat mini quiltje nog steeds geweldig!!!

Shelli said...

hi! It's Shelli from flickr.

Glad to find your blog, I'll be sure to add it to my favorites.


sombr|A|rredia said...

..and this is my doll !!!

Sorry..i forget to translated my Profile in the Flickr!
But your choises were fantastic!
I love all the stuff

...And you know where the red dool is?
Guess ..
In my living-room :) in the sofa


..She´s your daughter?
she´s so beautiful :)