Progress of Garden Paradise

I promised to write about the garden work we did on Tuesday.
When we moved into this house in October the garden was a right mess. The lady that lived here before us was 97 so we don't blame her, but it's up to us to clean up this wilderness.
In September and October we already did quite a bit of work on the garden: we removed complete bushes and even two trees.
However, now it's time to get started on the proper work... I can already feel spring in the air and we don't want to wait until all the weeds start growing!
Luckily, my parents came to help me and my mum has all this great professional gardentools, which makes it all so much easier.
After a couple of hours hard work this is what the backyard looked like:

Really quite spectacular if you know what it looked like before (sadly no pictures of that right now). I moved the yellow bench in the empty spot between the trees where it looks very pretty. We'll be making a terrace here and the rest will be plants and flowers.

Our little helpers. Simon was all dressed for the occasion.

When we started cutting back the trees all of a sudden this emerged:

our very own bicycle-parkinglot, wow!

We also have a large garden at the side of the house where we want to have grass, a swing, another small terrace and a vegetable-plot (my wish). All that is yet to come... I'll keep you up to date!

And just for a touch of cuteness in this post: a picture of little Chris:

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