Blenkie for baby Chris

Another baby was born in our circle of friends last week: Chris.
And yesterday we went to visit and admire him.
He was just adorable and a spitting image of his sister!

I made a blenkie taking the colours of the babyroom (red & aqua) as a startingpoint. Although I had begun to work on it last week or so, it was real lastminute sewing and I was freaking out a little. I couldn't help wondering for a moment why I didn't just go to a toyshop and buy something big and plastic. But no, ofcourse this is much nicer... and unique too. Plus once a project is finished it gives a real great sense of satisfaction, something you just don't have with something store-bought. All in all, I'm happy about it :)

I started a new group on Flickr today dedicated to cushions. There was nothing like that yet, strangely enough. There are plenty of people making lovely beautiful cushions, so this group is just a neccesity really...
So far there are 55 members and there are already some lovely pictures in the group pool. Go have a look!
By the way, I received an early birthdaypresent today.... a Flickr-pro-account!! Yay, now all my photos will be kept safely in the archive and I can create as many sets as I want ( added a couple of sets right away :))


Samantha said...

What a beautiful present. So much better than shop bought plastic.

I am sure that this will become an heirloom.

serajah said...

wat een mooie blenkie weer, en wat leuk die kussen groep op Flickr

ik lees met veel plezier je weblog

groetjes serajah

beki said...

Lovely blanket! I need to start making some of these for my newest one coming in the spring.