This weekend I finally finished the pillow I'd started making weeks ago.
It's for my brother- & sister-in-law who live in Australia.
When they were in Holland last November they mentioned that they thought it would be handy to have a pillow with pockets at the back where you could keep your remotes. No more remotes laying around and you'd always know where to find them!
So I made such a pillow for them. It will be sent tomorrow so in a couple of weeks time I will know if it really was a clever idea...
In the meantime I took some pictures with a few softies in the pockets. Check out the rabbit, it's a little doubtful whether it's enjoying the experience!


Janina said...

Wauw, Mirre, wat een superleuk idee!!

serajah said...

wat leuk!!!mooi gemaakt!!!

groetjes serajah