Artist's Trading Cards

Last week I tried my hand at some ATC's.
I used some fabric-scraps, glue and needle and thread and this is the result.
Although I'm not unhappy the way these turned out, I can see there is lots of room for improvement :) I would like to dig deeper into this whole nature/garden-theme (sorry bad joke).
The philosophy behind the ATC's is one that appeals to me, and ofcourse it's a relatively simple way of obtaining other people's 'art'. Actually, to get a little flavour of what they're making.
I don't know how much I want to get into this though. I'll see whatever happens and for now I've had fun making these!
Here on flickr you can find more.

We had a very good weekend; pottered around the house, baked a cake, went to two birthdayparties.
Tomorrow I'm seriously going to make a start at creating our very own GardenParadise (luckily my parents will be helping me with that...), yay!


beki said...

Very nice! I like how they turned out. Wasn't it a fun process?

serajah said...

helemaal geweldig, ook super leuk om te doen denk ik, complimenten

groetjes serajah