Book love & wonky sewing

Michel brought home this book yesterday. I believe it's from Pottery Barn. I don't exactly know what Pottery Barn is...is it sort of the American Ikea?

It's filled with beautiful photos of wonderful kids' rooms.

Lots of inspiration.

I love this.


Last week I had a great idea for a flowerlike placemat. I thought it would be so cool. So I drew the shape and cut all the fabrics and sewed them all together...so far so good. But when I added the back-fabric, I suddenly thought it would be nicer to make a cushion out of it. Uh-oh, mistake! This is how it turned out:

I can tell you that it looked very different in my head ;)

Oh and this is what got this weekend to make up for Michel's maggot eating. Oh I didn't tell about the maggot eating yet?! Well, one day Michel made three crackers with cheese for himself. After he had eaten two, he noticed a little wriggly something on his plate. After a closer look it turned out to be a maggot. Michel looked at his remaining cracker and saw a couple of other maggots in there too...did I mention he already ate two at this point? Soooooo grooooooooosssssss!!!!!!!
So I wrote an angry letter and this what we got. Maggots are supposed to be very nutricious by the way ;)

*just 1 kilo this week, so that's 8 in total*


kirsten said...

oh, i saw that book on flickr and i thought it might be pottery barn! it's a store and catalog here, but it's pretty expensive. i love to drool over the catalog and get ideas from it, though.

African Kelli said...

Pottery Barn is a higher-end furniture store in the US. That book has tons of great ideas!
And I think your flower is very pretty.

carolyn said...

Love the idea of having drawers under the stairs, looks like a good book.

chest of drawers said...

Love the book, like the wonky pillow too! Maggot crackers,hmmm, that puts a new outlook on the high protein diet!

Ash said...

Ick! Maggots! Now I need to check my Bolletje stuff in my cupboard. Maybe if they knew you were going to write about it on the blog they would've sent more stuff!

Anonymous said...

Well I like the pillow, I think its cute and I also love your little tissue holders too! Very sweet fabrics!

PJ said...

Hello from America! I love your blog! Of course, over looking the thought of eating maggots ..LOL. Love your fabric choices! Yes, Pottery Barn is a fav here! I love the style-though I never ordered anything.;)

hannah said...

eew, maggots!! this post got me squirming I can tell you, how awful!! If you dont like your patchwork cushion why not un-stuff it and turn it back into a placemat?

Barb said...

We don't have Pottery Barn in Canada, but I check it out online for the ideas and inspiration.
A favourite joke here is, "What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?"
Answer: half a worm
Reading about the maggots reminded me of that. My country grandmother would sift weevils out of her flour and proceed to make bread and I didn't think anything of it when I was young. I've since changed my mind!

molly said...

i think your cushion looks great! i love it.
that maggot story is really, really, really gross!!!

Rebecca said...

Glad you visited my blog. I love your crafts,the fabrics are beautiful, and your craft room is uplifting because I am messy too and seeing yours makes me feel better!!!


Lady Smarty Pantz said...

I don't get it how are maggots nutritious? Even in the Netherlands the kids pottery barn catalog looks divive...I'd be happy if I could turn out a wonky pillow, it would be proof enough that a creative stitch exists within me!;)

monica said...

maggots eh? I've caught my little one dipping a stick in the toilette bowl and licking it. Do I need to tell you that someone had visited the toilette earler and not flushed? I'd rather have maggot every day!!!

Well done with the diet, 8 kg is brilliant. What do you eat? I'd love to loose about 6 or 7. That would be good for me.

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

so nice to find another Dutch blogger that writes in English! I'm still a Dutch citizen, and hope to visit next year. Thanks for your comment.
P.S. Pottery Barn is a much smaller home furnishing and decorating store than Ikea, and much more expensive. Nice things, though!