I made a whole new batch of tissueholders.
I always feel the urge to display them as cakes... don't they look scrumptious together?!

These were inspired by the upcoming Valentinesday, hence the red, pink & hearts.

I've said it before, but I love making these. They're so cute and small and they're a great way to use up my precious scraps. However, I think I must consider another satisfying scrap-project, after all, how many tissueholders do you really need? Any scrappy ideas?!

Something else that's new:

Our stairs are finished!!
These photos are not brilliant, but we're so happy with the result!
This is such a big step in making our house a nicer home... what a relief. Running upstairs to grab something is a real pleasure now :)

I regret not having taken a before photo to show you the difference. Fortunately I am able to show you a before photo of my current project: my craftroom.
Brace yourself!

A bomb explosion, I know.

Will be continued...


Krista said...

Ooooooh, such a colorful post!

Where do I start? I adore the pink stairs, you made a great choice. And if I remember, there was green underneath, is it growing on you yet?

Love the tissue holders, I love projects that use scraps, needing some ideas myself. The first thing that comes to mind are fabric cards, quilted oven mitts, patchwork pillows... Doll clothes?

Good luck with the craft room - that's one heck of a project ;)

Krista said...

Oh, one more idea popped into mind for your scraps; bean bags! Kids love them and they don't need to be much bigger than your tissue holders.
They've been on my list for months...

chest of drawers said...

I´d love to come over and help you clean up that craft room! The tissue holders and stairs look wonderful!

beki said...

I love all the colors you use in your projects, so happy!

You never did send me your address!

Kelli said...

The fabrics in those tissue holders are just lovely.
And the green on the stairs is so pretty!
And if i don't hear back from you, I'll know to come looking for you under a pile of boxes in that room!!

Amy said...

Haven't been over here in a while and my you've been busy. You've made so much progress on your house, your healthy life, and your crafts! Love the strip blanket below. I ordered some mini cards last week too and can't wait to get them :-)

syko said...
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syko said...

Your stairs look great! I love the light colours! And I ordered myself some Moo cards inspired by you, can't wait to have them!

caroline said...

Those tissueholders do look delectable - a fantastic array colours. Sorry I have no good scrap ideas but I like Krista's idea of beanbags.

Good luck with the craft room!

kristin said...

oooooh! dazzling display of tissue holders...i for one will be anxiously waiting to see what you do with your craft room. good luck with that explosion!! :)