Paint everywhere

This weekend we've started some serious painting.
I'm ashamed to say it, but after 15 months in this house we still had the ugliest bare stairs. It's funny how you get used to seeing things unfinished. Even so that you hardly see it anymore.
However, we're still in our 'house-improvement mood' and the stairs was our next project.
Unfortunately, I don't have any photos of the before, but this stage is still pretty horrible:

Without consulting me Michel had bought lime-green paint and when I got home he had already put it on. Ouch, it took some getting used to, but at least it's a very fresh colour and it does brighten up the staircase.

While Michel and our friend were attacking the stairs I painted the kitchen, another project that we stopped halfway. I used the same lime-green as well as pink, orange and turquois...I know!!! It's going to look very interesting! I will definitely post photos of the result :)


kristin said...

ooooo, but i really LOVE that green...and the wine color contrasts so beautifully next to it.

great shot of the spiral staircase :)

capello said...

that lime green looks very nice in there!

African Kelli said...

Some of my most favorite colors! I bet it is all going to be great.

kirsten said...

you will totally make those colors work - can't wait to see!

Barb said...

The stairs look wonderful...clever husband you've got there!
Just a quick note to let you know that I mentioned you on my latest blog post.