Spring cleaning

In an attempt to make up for all the years before that I had no spring cleaning, I'm starting EARLY this year! Perhaps a bit crazy, but with the temperatures outside not even that strange.

As I said in my post on NewYear's Eve I have two major goals this year: lose weight and organize my home. So far I've been doing really, really well.
The diet is going swell (-2 kilos) and the house is looking better by the hour.
Michel and I have been working superhard at it since last week. We're both hoarders of the most terrible kind. We save everything, because we think we can use it again some day. And we (or should I say I) are sentimental about every scrap of paper, piece of baby-clothing or present we ever received. Add to this our fabric/book-addiction and I think you can imagine what our house looks like.

But we both decided that it was enough. So we've been sorting out, throwing away and cleaning like madpeople this week. The score so far: 20 bags of clothing for goodwill, four big boxes of books for bookcrossing, a full container of rubbish and five boxes of paper for recycling. Pfff... and this only the beginning! We still have to tackle the attic (argh), my sewingroom (argh) and the shed.

However, I'm still super motivated to bring this project to a good end.
The children's rooms as you can see in the photos are finished at least. And I must say that I think that these along with the livingroom (almost done) are the most important spaces to keep organized.

And amidst all the cleaning I also managed to paint three cupboards and a table and I finally made a pillow for Amber's pouffe. I'll show it tomorrow!


kirsten said...

1 - i am drooling over the ikea stuff you have in your home. we won't have one for a few more months.
2 - i would never have guessed that you're a packrat! your home is very simple and modern - now anyway. :)
3 - glad i'm not the only book-hoarder around!
4 - congrats on the weight loss! now it's my turn....

capello said...

your home is looking AMAZING.

come over when you are done, i'll keep you in healthy gluten-free food the whole time you are here :-)

kristin said...

you are completely inspiring me to do the same....it's so long over-due!
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

I'm soooooooo proud!
Imagine the amount of rubbish that will come out of the attic and the shed!
We are gonna start this weekend with our clean-up.
x Marleen

Sarah and Jack said...

Congratulations on a good start to the organizing. It is hard work, and I am just done with it myself over here. Why wait until spring?

carolyn said...

You're a busy woman! Everything looks great. Quite the New Year's and A package arrived from you today!! Thank you! A nice surprise. I'll get a photo up of it in the next day or two. Thank you.

Kelli said...

Wow Mirre! Your home looks wonderful and 2 kilo already. Fantastic! You should be super proud of yourself.

chest of drawers said...

Your rooms look fabulous! I can understand how free you´re feeling.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Beautiful home!