This 'n that

The past three days have been filled with cleaning, sorting, biking, sewing and not thinking about chocolate. To begin with the last, the diet is going very well... -4,5 kilos already! I'm proud to say that I've been very strict, not even licking my fingers when I made sandwiches for the children.

Ofcourse I've been trying out my bike lots. On Sunday we went for a proper tour. I started out with Simon in front and Amber behind, later Amber switched to Michel's bike. Man, it feels good to be cycling again... I even used it to do the weekend shopping!

And I can't tell you how much fun it is to have Simon so close to me. I never had that with Amber, she was always sitting in the backseat.
The only thing was that when we got home the children were very cold... luckily they defrosted over a cup of hot chocolate. Sorry babes, we'll put on more clothes next time!

The bit of sewing that I did was a new blanket. We needed another one, because Michel and I kept fighting over the one we had.

I haven't been able to take decent photos of it, because there was hardly any light and the blanket was already wrinkled from use. I love the colours though, nice and bright and hardly any orange or yellow in it ;)) I will add it to my collection.
I wished it were this easy to transform my sofa!


And last but not least, have you heard of MOO yet? They make mini-cards that I think are supercute! I just ordered 100 using my Flickr-photos and I can't wait to get them!


kristin said...

you have been very busy!!! i absolutely LOVE the blanket and the one you showed us in November too...i somehow missed that one the first time around. keep up the biking!! good job!! i've finally gotten back into a running routine and i forgot how it gives me so much energy when i exercise. (and i'm sure the kids love it too :))

Abby said...

Busy, busy bee! You can never have too many blankets!

capello said...

ack! those rosey cheeks are too cute!

but no chocolate? huh? that does not compute!

kirsten said...

love the blanket. very cute. i tagged you, btw!

beki said...

I love love love my MOO cards! You're going to love them too.

Congrats on the diet success. It feels good doesn't it?

And that blanket is gorgeous!

Kelli said...

So cool about the bike rides! This is one thing I really look forward to with children. And your kids are too darn cute. :)

molly said...

your new bike looks so fun! i love the idea of one in back and one in front...
your new blanket is great, too. i wish I could whip these out. i could use about two right now, at least!!