Moo's the best!

Today my mini-cards arrived!!!
They are so cute, I love them :)))

I picked out 12 different photos. Some turned out a little better than others, but I still think they're all wonderful.

I'm already brainstorming of what I can do with them other than using them as a tag on a gift or something.. oh the possibilities!

Other great mail: 50 bundles of bias tape scored on Ebay. I can't help it, but this makes me happy! I'd better think of a good way to use up all that bias tape though ;)

And and and, I made a new bib today. I finally managed to sort out enough space in my craftroom to put the sewing machine back in its place... I'm definitely on right path here!

Oh AND! I've now lost 7 kilos!!


beki said...

MOO's are the best! I LOVE mine.

And 7 kilos? My goodness, you're doing well!! Congrats!

capello said...

i've got to look into those moo's. everyone loves them.

and seven kilos? wow!

kirsten said...

yes, i NEED some moo's... to give to.... hmmmm.
love the ebay score - are some of them checked? i've never seen that!

kristin said...

need to get my moo's...you made wonderful selections :)

i'm impressed by the 7 kilos too...WOW!! great job

chest of drawers said...

Congratulations on the 7 kgs! And those MOOS are gorgeous!

Veronique said...

This sounds like a whole lot of perfection to me!

I got my Moo cards last week, and LOVE them. I love handing them out. Love referring to them as Calling Cards. My next order will be to make a memory game.http

blair said...

Moo cards AND 7 kilos??? A great day, indeed!!! : )

Lady Smarty Pantz said...

I stumbled onto your blog through another blog, and what caught my eye, other than your beautiful child, was the snoopy print bib he's wearing. I have that exact same fabric hanging as a backdrop for my dreary corkboard at work. I wish I had a creative stich in my body to make something like that.

My lil girl is five now and although I have tried in vain to make her something from scratch, I can't. It saddens me and makes me envious of other crafty moms...le sigh. I just had to say I really liked your blog!

syko said...

Great cards!! I have to check out that link! That son of yours is so cute! Anbd congrats with the lost kilos!

Amy Green said...

Love the Moo's, so cute..it looks like you have taken some really nice photos. Sweet bib but sweeter boy!

hannah said...

wow, what a great day!! love your cards and fantastic bindings, and that bib is so cute, great shape!!

Jackie said...

Congratulations on the 7kg thats fantastic.