A day of fun and inspiration

Beautiful bike

Yesterday we went to Deventer, a town that we love to visit.
Michel in fact loves it so much that he always shouts that he wants to live there.


We had lunch (a healthy salad!) in a wonderful cafe that serves delicious high teas and real English food like crumpets.

We then went shopping in the little streets off the main shopping area. We came across such delightful shops selling such cute things!

Tord Boontje lights

I thought these lights looked wonderful so I took a photo. Later I saw that they were Tord Boontje...check out the website because this Dutch designer makes the most beautiful things.

I bought a couple of metres of oilcloth from Kitsch Kitchen and even managed to find some new shoes (not my favourite thing to do)!

New shoes & oilcloth

We then had dinner at oma & oma's. They're leaving for Australia today to visit Michel's sister who lives there. I am worried about their flight though, because we're experiencing some very bad wheather here today (storm). Hopefully they won't be delayed too long.

Cool bike

And I've been tagged to share six weird things about myself, but since I think I'm the most normal person in the world, I need tonight to sleep on it ;))


capello said...

i don't blame him for liking that store!

and what's a crumpet anyway?

African Kelli said...

Those bikes are amazing. Are they just bikes on the street? That is incredible.

hannah said...

My dad got a Dutch bike for his 60'th birthday last october from all the family, he had beeen wanting one so much since a recent holiday. He really loves it too, although his is not pretty like yours or these ones, but just plain black. There are a few specialist shops in the UK where you can buy them.

The cafe you went to looks amazing, I love all those cupboards and wooden drawers behind. Hmm, and crumpets, I dont like them but the rest of my family will fight over them!

Barb said...

I've been thinking about you with the news of the terrible weather in Europe and I hope all is well. I think if I ate at that wonderful restaurant you photographed, they'd have to check my bag at the door for the filing cabinets on the far wall!

chest of drawers said...

Love those shops, and look at all those drawers in the café!!