First of all my apologies for my long absence!

Let me make it up to you by showing you all the super delicious things Michel and I scored for me this weekend. While I was at the thriftstore, he was at Hema and we both had some great finds.

First up are these two cute boxes that Michel found for just 2 euros each. Look at those polka dots!!

Then these two hobby kits (also 2 euros each) which contain everything you need to make a scarf and a child's cape.

How could I not buy this mug? Especially when it was only 30 cents?! I'm hoping this will mean that Michel and I are really going to England this spring... I would so looooooove to go!

I found the fabric on the left and Michel bought me the fabric on the right. Isn't it funny that the flowers are exactly the same?!

This book is wonderful. Lots of fun crafts.

But these two creatures really made me decide to buy it... I think they're both adorable and I would love to try them out.

Not pictured, but treasured nonetheless: 2 more hobby kits, a tiny bag for my I-pod and a fantastic basket for my sewing things.
I know it's superficial, but sometimes buying lovely things really makes me happy.

Today I've been cleaning and sorting again...when will I ever be finished?! I've been trying to unearth my craftroom. In some areas I've been successful, like sorting out my stash:

I hope to have more pictures very soon!


Kelli said...

oooh, wonderful finds! Good for you. :) Can't wait to see what you create.

kirsten said...

nice finds! i LOVE those pink boxes. and i can't wait to see what you do with that flowery fabric!

capello said...

oh man, what goodies.

and yes, i feel happy when i buy stuff too. got to figure out how to get that high without spending money.

hannah said...

I love it too, shopping rules!! you must make that frog, and the tortoise as well, he is too cute! well done for sorting out some of your fabric stash, I have been searching everywhere through mine for a piee of fabric I have mislaid, if I were more orgnised I would be able to lay my hands on it!

monica said...

what a fantastic day!

and I love your fabric... so tidy and neat...

AND AND AND yes come to England!

Kali said...

great finds there, it all looks wonderful.
I'm pretty sure I have the same book...in English of course! LOL

mariannealice said...

I have that book in English too! And I used the frog pattern to make some beanbags!