Bloggaversary & bibs

Plain bibs

Today it's exactly one year ago that I wrote my first post on this blog.
I created this blog as an experiment. I wanted to see how it worked, because I wanted to 'give' my sister-in-law a blog before she went back to Australia. She now posts about once month and it's a good way to get an idea of her life down south.
Well anyway, once I had created this blog it turned out that I really enjoyed it myself and I've been writing ever since. Even though I had a bit of a blogbreak this summer, this is my 126th post, which comes to an average of posting every three days... not bad, I think :))
Blogging for me is: fun, creativity, discipline, connection, inspiration... it's been a great enrichment to my life.
To commemorate this milestone I'm going to send some LONG (very long!!!) overdue packages to these three girls. I'm so ashamed, but hopefully they'll arrive in time for Christmas!

So onto the bibs you see above. I bought a package of plain Ikea bibs the other day and spiced them up a bit yesterday... what a lovely way to spend a sunday afternoon!
Eventhough Simon is two he still needs to wear bibs when he eats his porridge and dinner; he even asks for them himself.

Fabric also used here.

Fabric bought in Oxford.

Star made out of a small logcabin.

Amy gave me this fabric. Simon particularly loves this one.

Ikea fabric.

Simon is two! (thrifted fabric)


Have a good day all!


Abby said...

Congrats on your aniversary. I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your lastest creations. I hope you keep writing.

African Kelli said...

Great! I like that you embellished these with fabric you had. Nicely done.
And happy blogversary!

capello said...

happy blog-a-versary! guess the experiement "stuck"! :-)

kristin said...

congratulations on one year!! a milestone to celebrate :). beautiful bibs you made :)

chest of drawers said...

Happy 1 year anniversary! I would say your experiment has been a great success! I´m so glad to have found you!

kirsten said...

oh- we have those bibs, too - that's one of those (duh! should've thought of that!) ideas! happy blog-iversary!