Christmas treats

This year I made everyone in my family a present for Christmas.
For the adults I made tissueholders like I promised.

I tried to pick out fabrics and ribbons that I thought would match everyone's personalities or taste. Like the one for my mum which is green en flowery because she loves gardening so much.

Don't they look colourful together? I've got a whole collection now :)

For Amber I made a scarf that goes with the beautiful coat my mum made for her. I used fleece and it has appliqued flowers on it. She was happy with it.

For the two little ones in the family, Simon and Sarah (our niece), I made patchwork bibs. It was my first attempt at making bibs (since the others I made were just spiced up by me) and I was pleased with the result.

I used fabric scraps for the front, Amber's old bathrobe for the back and the ties are two small fabric belts that Amber never wore.

Sarah's bib had a handy pocket for her cutlery (there was not enough fabric to leave it out and I thought it was pretty neat).

Their initials were also on there.

Today I've been doing some end-of-the-year things, like cleaning, washing and sorting. I also managed to get FOUR packages to the post office! So relieved.

Well, tomorrow I'll be back with the last post of this year. Goodnight all!


Kelli said...

BEAUTIFUL! Seriously, the patchwork bibs are just awesome. And I love all the colors in the tissue holders. Nice work Mirre!!

capello said...

egads, everything is lovely!