Pompon fun

I bought a bag of pompons this morning at Hema and put together a Christmas wreath just now. Amber is away playing with a friend... how selfish of me to do this without her!! Well, a good excuse to make another soon :)
This was so much fun and so quick and easy!

The beginning

First there was the wreath (which I found in the attic, someone gave it to me years ago and I never used it... see, how hoarding can be useful ;))

Then I pinned some pink fabric onto it (one of my old t-shirts ... another bit of proof that you should never throw anything away)

Along came the bag of pompons. Of course, I'd been a better crafty girl if I'd made the pompons
myself, but this is undeniably faster.

I pinned lots of pompons onto the wreath, but kept some small ones to make a pompon-string.

Christmas wreath

And finished!

Add more stuff if you like. I used the decorations that Amber and I made, but the possibilities are endless :))


hannah said...

that is pretty cool, what a nice bright wreath!

African Kelli said...

Ah! That is great. What a fun and crazy way to celebrate the holidays.

Bitterbetty said...

I love this. So warm and fuzzy.

beki said...

Making things with pompons is such fun!