Poppe's double smile

Last week or so I started a new Poppe using the fabrics I bought in Oxford (yes, those again and I still have plenty more :)).

I loved the colour-combo and it turned out really nice... except for the doll's face. The thing was that I didn't notice the weird face until I put the whole doll together... bummer!

So I left it for a while, like you do, and hoped the face would magically normalise, like you do. However, the face remained unchanged.

So this morning I thought I'd give it another try. I embroidered a new face on a piece of felt (new stock from my parents, thank you Mum and Dad) and sewed the new face on top of the old one. And it worked! I'm finally happy with the way it turned out.

Added bonus: this poppe will always have an extra smile :)

Hope it will make Ava smile too, because this was made for her.


Kelli said...

Lovely! I'd never heard of these dolls before today and I just looked at your collection. How fantastic! What a beautiful craft.

leya said...

adorable. very nice indeed.