Successful thrifting

Yesterday Michel and I had a day off together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, I know, we could hardly believe it ourselves!
Whilst Amber was at school we went to the thriftstore in a town near ours. I think that many people in blogland would have gone wild in there!
We restrained ourselves since we've been on a mission lately of getting LESS junk in the house instead of MORE.
That said, there were some things that were just too good to leave behind.
Such a this gorgeous tin. Michel found it, we both love it.


Look at those leaves.


And what to say of these buttons... they were 1 cent each!! Do you think I was crazy just buying 50?! I'm afraid I was.


I also bought four great purple napkins. I hardly ever use purple in my sewing, but I'm sure I can think of a project for these.


And four Portuguese placemats; I've always loved that rooster. These will be used for sewing too. Perhaps I can use this fabric to make new placemats.


Michel bought some books ofcourse.
Oh, I almost forgot this tablecloth... isn't it pretty with the little acorns on it?!
Simon is here pointing out that there's a road on it that he can use for his cars.


We even managed to have coffee and cake before we had to pick up Amber. It was weird being in a restaurant without her and we definitely missed her. On the other hand it was lovely to spend some alone-time with Simon... he is such a sweet funny little man!

All in all a very good day.


molly said...

wow, i'm just getting the kids packed up to go to the thrift store, too...man, i can only hope I do as well as you.

that tin is amazing!!

Hanna said...

great finds girl! and the road table cloth is fun, plus I like your button choises - mmmm, buttons are soooo a girls best friend huh!? :-)

kirsty said...

Hi Mirre! It's nice to meet you :) You are most definitely NOT crazy buying those buttons - I think I would have bought many more!

capello said...

wow, you certainly made out at the thrift store!

i, however, haven't been in ages.

and i love those buttons!

blair said...

I'm officially jealous! I need buttons like that!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

What a score! And I am REALLY jealous of those Portugese placemats!

Amy said...

I absolutely love that tin! Excellent score. And what a great race track/Christmas table cloth! :-)

Kelli said...

What a great haul Mirre! Those buttons and purple fabric are fantastic. And I'm sorry to hear your wee ones are under the weather. Hopefully all will be well by Christmas!

nina said...

Wow, unbelievable, a boyfriend/husband who likes to go thriftshopping with you on his free day! I always have to beg and push mine. When he finally comes along, he manages to look so bored that also for me the fun is soon over... Lucky you!