Christmascards with a twist

I've been getting lots of Christmascards at work lately. I appreciate them all and I love getting them, but I felt a bit reluctant at handing out ordinary shop-bought cards myself. They're just a bit... boring!
So eventhough it might have been wiser if I had spent my time differently, I made some alternative cards today. Well, they're not cards but stars obviously...

They were very easy to make; cutting the fabric shapes took most time probably.
For the photo I attached them to my fridge with poetry magnets... nifty no?!

I then made small tags to write my greetings on. It was the first time I ever sewed on paper and it was so much fun!! I'll be doing that again, I'm sure!

The fabric I used is from Ikea. I love a bit of Ikea-fabric once in a while.
And I love something else I got from Ikea too!

My christmaspresent :)

And I didn't even have to pay for it!
Thank you, nice people! I suppose I'll be making an I-pod cover really soon :)

*Ok, I think I need to explain here that this was my Christmaspresent from Ikea, because I work there! Hope you didn't all raid your Ikea looking for a free Ipod :))*


capello said...

you got a free ipod from ikea?!

love your christmas cards. way cooler than the store bought ones, i totally agree.

molly said...

what a fantastic idea! isn't sewing on paper fun?!
you got a free ipod from IKEA? my IKEA didn't give me one! :( you must be their favorite shopper!

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea - and less of a footprint upon the earth.

kirsten said...

yes, you must explain the ipod! (we're getting an ikea here next here - hooray!)
the ornaments are very cute.

tiel s-k said...

yes, I want to know too! i-Kea...i-Pod..who knew!

love the cards.

Barb said...

They look so great hanging from the fridge magnets, that you'll probably have to make more once these ones are given out as "cards"!

Kristy said...

IKEA Ipods? Those stars are lovely I saw them on Flickr and thought the fridge magnet display method was very nifty!

Sarah and Jack said...

The stars are quite clever, I would love to get one instead of a paper card!

Kelli said...

Such a great idea for cards next year. Love this!

jojo* said...

Your stars are so cute. I love the fabric and how you have them on your fridge like that. I need to get some stronger magnets on my fridge, they never seem to hold anything.

chest of drawers said...

YOU WORK AT IKEA!!! I am sooo jealous!!!