The last couple of days I've been busy working on the presents I promised in my 100th post.
I've finished 4 tidies (wall pockets).
They are made of green Italian placemats and I wished I had another one, because I need one more tidie for one of the girls. I'm just going to have to come up with something else!

I really enjoyed making these... picking out fabrics for patchwork projects is so much fun!!

Hopefully the girls like them (also the 5th one that I' m going to make). This weekend I won't be able to do anything because we're going away for a two day break, but it's my true intention to send out all five tidies by the end of the week. And at the same time I will be sending out some very long overdue packages to these girls! *blush*
Yes, that's my good intention for next week!!

I just saw this on Whip up; apparently other people enjoy making them too :))

Have a good weekend all!


monica said...

Oh wow, they're gorgeous. You have a very good eye for colour!

kristin said...

love all these great colors!! lucky girls who get these :)

chest of drawers said...

Fantastic and clever!

weirdbunny said...

You always choose such wonderfully happy colours! Clearly this indicates your a very happy person!

hannah said...

now I am excited!! these are lovely (hope you dont mind us seeing these, you knew we were going to keep popping by, right? ) trying to guess now whether one of these might be for me! I had seen those others on whip up and thought I should make one for myself too. great idea!

Eren said...

oh, these are so great! i love them and think i just might need to make one for my very own. maybe that will help me stay more organized!?!?!