Goodbye Sinterklaas!

Sinterklaas 2006

Thank you for all the lovely presents, Sinterklaas! Have a safe trip back to Spain!!

Sinterklaas today

Read more about this traditional Dutch feast here & see some more photos of yesterday's fun here.

*Is there something wrong with Bloglines? I know others had problems before and then I was fine, but now my blog is not showing up?!*


capello said...

mmmmm... marzipan. ::drool::

you came up on bloglines for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mirre,

Like your blog and the things you make, check out on you every day (no problems yet). Love the things you make, you inspire me to be crafty to. Am thinking about making pompons to add on the clothes of my 15 month old boy, and also finaly making some bibs for him myself too.
Keep reading your blog.

groetjes, mammaria

kirsten said...

sinterklaas sounds like a lot of fun - happy holiday to you!